Lodgings in Jacó

What type of lodging do you look for in Jacó?

Three options for all needs and preferences

In Zabamar we have lodgings for all needs, we have a hotel with swimming pool, restaurant and private access to Jaco beach, fully equipped apartments for families or longer stays and a hostel for budget travelers and surfers. All with our personalized attention and the care that characterizes us.



What do people say about us?


Nice trip

I went like two years ago and it was very nice experience, good service and access to the sea, a beauty, good facilities, very nice pool and the hotel is close to everything … I recommend it and it is very familiar



Great service!

The quality of the room was very good, the water could have been a bit better, but other than the water, everything else about the service was wonderful. I highly recommend it. It was reasonably priced.



Pets allowed

I had the opportunity to go this weekend and the attention was good, good food, good lunch at a reasonable price and most importantly for me, they allowed me to take my dog without any problems.



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